In the Winter of 2016 I left teaching and coaching and started working at Camargo Church. One of my passions about ministry is the people I serve! I love them all! Yes, you read that right! I love all of them! Whether I’m standing on a stage, coaching basketball, attending sporting events, I want everyone I connect with in life to know that God loves them. 

I’m a SUPER fan of my wife (Jessica), my son (Creighton), and daughter (Landri) who is expected to make her debut around late April, early May. I enjoy game nights with my friends, watching Kentucky basketball, ESPN, movies, filet mignon and of course some good ole’ southern fried chicken. Ale-8 is my favorite drink, and good clean stand-up comedy cannot be beat. Reese’s Cups are a top 5 invention and TV shows about travel, home renovating and sports is the grape jelly to cap off my peanut butter sandwich.  Oh, and I forgot to mention ice cream….my favorite is Cinnamon from Crank & Boom (#SupportLocal).  

Most importantly, “Jesus is my life.” And everything I do; I always do my best to think of Him. I also think about heaven a lot and look forward to getting to tell you all about the Savior who first loved you! I cannot wait to meet you, connect with you and most importantly show you the love of Christ! 

Lastly, you should know, because it is important, (well at least to me) that my favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope!”

That’s not just for me, that’s for you as well! Hope to see you at church! God has MORE for your life! 



I began serving at Camargo Church in January 2017.  Here are some quick things you should know about me- I’ve always had an affinity for expressive arts, and music seems to get me more excited than it does most people. 

I (unknowingly) stepped into music ministry around age 12 when I started a band with some of my church friends. That journey ended up taking me all over the map, landing in places like Anchorage, AK, and Flemington, NJ. 

Fast forward several years, I call Kentucky my home again.  Being there with my wife(Kelly) and son(Levi) is my absolute favorite place to be. 

You will rarely find me without a coffee in my hand.

When I’m not at church, you can find me in my home studio with some kind of project open, or on a mountain with my wife!

I believe music was created to connect us to the Father (and heaven) in a way that words alone cannot.